The Company

Who We Are

Air Water Energy Engineers, Inc., founded in 2007, is a sustainability-oriented engineering firm located in the metro Boston area of Massachusetts. AWE provides engineering services in mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems (MEP/FP) for various types of building projects, and has significant expertise in engineering sustainable building systems for architecturally and environmentally challenging projects.

Founder George Hu has a proven track record of engineering high performance mechanical systems such as geothermal heating and cooling that produces significant energy and water savings for the building owners.

A Blueprint for Success

When you work with AWE, our engineers will:

• Project passion about our services
• Be responsive to your needs
• Perform work in a timely manner
• Explain technical topics so that they are understandable
• Educate you about the options available
• Produce complete and clear documents so that there are minimized questions and issues during construction

Furthermore, when you engage with AWE you get an engineering company that becomes your trusted partner, taking ownership of your project to ensure a successful completion.

Listen to Our Clients’ Needs

We listen to our clients’ needs for projects large or small. We ensure that our services will create value for the client at the outset. Our commitment to engineering sustainable building systems that benefit our clients and the human environment in general have been manifested in variety of project types. In addition to conventional projects, increasingly frequently we are engaged in projects that are characterized by

• High energy performance, LEED certifications, net-zero energy performance
• Innovative technologies and practices such as geothermal, solar and biomass systems

We believe that the building systems’ performance such as energy efficiency are positively impacted by the engineer’s performance as the designer, whether they are conventional or innovative systems. We are passionate to use our expertise and problem-solving capabilities to achieve building systems’ high performance for challenging projects such as

• Architecturally demanding, with high requirements on MEP engineering efforts and innovative engineering
• Environmentally demanding facilities such as Laboratory / healthcare / pharmaceutical, library and museum buildings

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